Augmented Human ’14
The 5th Augmented Human International Conference

Location of the Conference

Augmented Human 2014 took place in Kobe Convention Center, Japan, on March 7-9, 2014.

Some details of access to the Kobe Convention Center are published on the official website here.


The conference took place in International Conference Room on 3F of Kobe Convention Center.

Poster and demonstration took place in Reception Room on 3F.

You can check more details on the official website of Kobe Convention Center

Floor Map

・Entrance Hall:Reception

・Reception Hall: Coffee, Lunch, Demo-Poster

・Main Hall: Oral presentation

*You can have lunch at either main hall or reception hall.

Luminous Kobe Cruising Party (Banquet) on March 8th, 18:00-21:00

・Kobe International Conference Center -> Luminous Kobe (Bus)

There are 2 pick up buses for the participants.

Please receive a cruise ticket when you get in a bus.

- 18:00-18:20 First bus

- 18:15-18:35 Second bus

・Luminous Kobe

Please wait at passenger terminal before boarding a ship.

Please do not use a locker at the terminal because we do not return to the terminal.

Cruise ticket and banquet ticket will be collected when boarding.

- 18:45 Boarding

- 19:00 Leaving port

- Banquet

- 21:20 Returning to port

・Luminous Kobe -> Kobe International Conference Center (Bus)

All buses go to Portpia Hotel via Sannomiya Station.

- 21:30 Departure of Buses

- 21:45 Sannomiya Sta.

- 22:00 Portpia Hotel

Registration & Hotels

The registration opened on the registration website at AM 10:00 JST, on Feb 1, 2014.

Early registration until 21st Feb. 2014.

Kobe Tourism

To enjoy a tourism in Kobe you could check the information on Official Kobe Tourist Website (Feel Kobe)